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Synergy Performance Physical Therapy & Acupuncture is an out-of-network provider and payment is due at the time of service. Client reimbursement is based on the out-of-network benefits of the individual insurance plan. We provide receipts for clients wishing to seek health insurance reimbursement, but do not directly bill insurance. On average, patients receive between 50-80% reimbursement once deductibles are met.


Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes): $185

Follow-up Sessions (60-75 minutes): $155

Herbal Consultations only (45-60 minutes): $125


Is Synergy an Out-of-Network Provider?

In today's health care, insurance companies determine the care you receive, including the total number of visits, the length of each visit, and what treatments are covered.

Synergy is a unique provider that offers a hybrid of physical therapy and acupuncture. Being an out-of-network provider (or non-participating provider) allows Synergy to deliver the highest quality of care.

Our relationship is with our clients, not the insurance carrier.  


Are the Benefits?

  • Clinician and client collaborate on the care provided 

    • Insurers are not part of the care team​

  • Treatments can be multifaceted and not limited to one region or diagnosis

  • Evaluations always include treatment

  • Longer treatment sessions

  • No limit on the total number of sessions

  • Price transparency

    • There are no hidden costs

    • You'll never get a bill from us months after service​


Are Clients Reimbursed?

STEP 1: Determine the out-of-network benefits provided by your insurer by calling or checking online to determine:

  • Is Physical Therapy and Acupuncture covered?​

  • ​What is the percentage you will pay after the deductible is met?

  • Is there a separate out-of-network deductible?

  • Are there any limitations to coverage or additional requirements such as a physician's referral?

STEP 2: Schedule an appointment!

Schedule your first session online.

STEP 3: Start treatment and feel better!

Receive comprehensive care at Synergy with a treatment plan customized for you and pay at the end of each visit via cash, check, credit card, or health savings account.

STEP 4: Download your receipt

Synergy will generate a Superbill - the official document containing all information from your session required for insurance reimbursement.

STEP 5: Complete and Submit a claim form

Each insurer has their own form to submit a medical claim. Submit your insurer's claim form to initiate reimbursement.

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