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I came to see Adam because of lower back pain caused by two herniated disks. In addition I  suffered from two bulging disks in my neck causing symptoms down my right arm and hand. I was concerned I may need surgery and was hoping that treatment would relieve my discomfort. 


Adam is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and he is the most competent physical therapist I know who handles spinal injury and recovery. It was very easy to tell treatment was working as my pain diminished immediately and eventually resolved. Of course with low back pain there are occasional flare-ups, but Adam has helped me become pain-free time and time again. 


Now I can throw batting practice for my son’s little league team and feel I have a handle on my health. I’m confident I can maintain a pain-free lifestyle and avoid future surgical procedures. 


I injured my hand trying to master the perfect handstand in yoga and developed a trigger finger which impacted my ability to type, chop vegetables, and carry bags. It was so painful that I would wince whenever I would shake hands! Having been a life-long athlete, I have always been strong and healthy, but this injury forced me to limit my hot yoga practice. Yoga allows me to take care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually and it was very frustrating to not be able to practice to my full potential.


When it comes to my health I’ve learned through experience to be my own advocate. I don’t want to be treated like a number or accept mediocre treatment. I choose to treat with Adam because of his orthopaedic specialty knowledge and his athletic background. He understands the athlete’s mindset and how important it is to return to sport.  


He treated me with respect, dignity, and clearly understood my frustration with my injury and what a huge impact it had on my life. He asked me about sleep, nutrition, and stress, and explained how these factors can impact pain and recovery. He answered all my questions about the injury, anatomy, treatment options, and recovery in a manner that I easily understood and was never condescending or judgmental. He ultimately guided my return to yoga with specific advice regarding frequency of practice and what poses to avoid to prevent aggravating my hand.


As my pain improved I was able to practice yoga, but still struggled with handstands and experienced some painful flare-ups which limited the full use of my hand. Adam explained that hand injuries can be stubborn and we discussed other treatment options. I didn’t want surgery so instead opted for a cortisone shot which, in combination with the physical therapy, eliminated the inflammation and pain!

Now I’m able to grip and use my hand again. I manage occasional pain, but I’m grateful that my finger no longer locks and that I didn’t need surgery. Most importantly, I’m back to regular yoga, including some handstand attempts! 


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